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Online Casino Gambling

Gambling online is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of gaming recreation and sees thousands of new converts joining online casinos every year. For these new devotees the most difficult part of the process is often the choice of which casino to join.

There is no shortage of online casinos and this can make the choice of which casino to start off with overwhelming. Online casino directories such as can make this choice a little easier as they generally have short lists of good service providers with proven track records and can also give solid advice on what one should be looking for in an online casino.

When choosing an online casino there are a couple of points one should consider. The first of these is establishing the credibility of a site. Most reputable online casinos will be members of one or more industry regulators either national or independent bodies such as Interactive Gaming Council and eCogra.

It's always a good idea to check out the credentials of your casino of choice before you play. It also helps to stick with the big brand names in the industry. They have had time to establish solid reputations and are unlikely to engage in any borderline activities. Once you are confident regarding the legitimacy of your casino, you can consider specific features.

Gambling online requires making deposits and receiving payments online. This can be a risky process and one needs to ensure that the casino you choose to join offers industry standard 128 bit encryption of their financial transactions. These details should be clearly laid out in the payments page or section of the site.

Another payment issue that deserves consideration is whether or not the site offers any non-card based payment options such as PayPal or Ukash. These payment portal options are not only convenient for those who don't have access to mainstream banking or cards but are generally far safer than using a credit card online. There are several very good examples of these payment portals available and many are accepted by online casinos and one only has to check the sites payment options to check which may be used.

Casino Bonus

Once you have decided on a casino and are satisfied that the site is above board and offers secure transactions you can look at their bonus system. I'm not suggesting that this should be a deciding factor as there are some very good casino sites that don't offer very high sign-up bonuses. It does no harm though to shop around for the best bonuses. UK casinos usually offer two types of bonuses - the no deposit and first deposit bonus.

No deposit bonuses are obligation free sign-up incentives paid out upon registration. These are usually not very big and typically range between £10 and £25. They are, however, great starter bonuses and allow for some free "test driving" of the site prior to making your first deposit. First deposit bonuses are paid upon making your first deposit and are usually calculated as a percentage of that deposit amount.

These first deposit bonuses are typically 100% - 300%, or more in some cases, of the initial deposit and are often subject to fairly complex terms and conditions of use. It is always good practice to familiarise yourself with these terms before making your deposit as infringements of the conditions can often cost you the entire bonus and deposit. These terms will be posted on the site and should be read carefully before proceeding. Many casino sites also offer re-deposit or top-up bonuses that pay out on all subsequent deposits and are usually also subject to the same T's & C's as the first deposit bonus.

Once all these issues are taken care of and you have funded your new account, its time to move on to some serious play. Casino sites generally cater for all tastes and it is not uncommon to find a wide range of games available that may include slots, table's games, instant win games, arcade games and even bingo under one roof. If you are a live casino player and already have established preferences then making a choice of games to play is easy. If you are new to casino gaming then these tips may help deciding on where to start.

Online Casino Games

Online Slots

Most everyone has had some sort of experience of slot type games whether it be the small freeware desktop applications that do the rounds or even just seeing slots machines in movies or on TV. These are some of the most classic examples of random games of chance and are immensely popular the world over.

Slots games are generally represented by older 3 reel, single payline variants through to the ultra modern multi reel, payline and bonus video slots types. Most casino sites will post tips and instructions on playing all their games and if there is any thing that is still unclear their help line and support staff will be happy to assist. One thing that should be kept in mind with slots though is that they are totally random by nature and require no real skill or experience to play.

Casino Table Games

Blackjack, roulette baccarat, craps and other casino table games.

Table games is the term used to describe casino games typically played at a table such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and other dice games. These are often the games that newcomers most closely associate with casino gambling and require the most skill to play. They are also the few games were experience and skill boost the players odds considerably.

Instant Win and Arcade Games Online

Games such as arcade style horse and dog racing, scratch cards, quick fire lotto, Keno, bottle caps and Hi Lo are classic instant win games and are generally well represented at online casinos. These are easy to play and plenty of fun and are often quiet profitable to boot.

Getting started in the online casino game can be quite a process but the enjoyment and potential winnings make it all worth while in the end. Just remember that the security of your personal and banking details are paramount and should always be a major consideration when choosing a casino. Again, consult an online casino directory for the best advice and choices when you do decide to start playing.


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